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Maps, transcriptions, photos and information for cemeteries in every county in Texas.


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San Saba County Cemeteries S-Z

San Saba Cemetery >>

San Saba City Cemetery >>

San Saba County Cemetery >>

Shaw Bend Cemetery >>

Shiloh Cemetery >>

Sides Cemetery

  • Also known as Sides Graves
  • West of Colorado River, south of Adams Cemetery in Wolf Ridge area

Sloan Cemetery >>

Smelser Cemetery >>

Smith Cemetery

  • Also known as John Wesley Smith Family Cemetery
  • Across county road to the south of China Creek Cemetery

Spring Creek Cemetery >>

Sutton Cemetery

  • South and east of bends in the San Saba River, east of Feazle Cemetery and across the San Saba River.

Terry Cemetery >>

Union Band Cemetery >>

Unknown Cemetery, Northwest of Hall >>

Varga Cemetery >>

Varga Chapel Cemetery >>

Vargy Cemetery >>

Vargy Chapel Cemetery >>

Wallace Creek Cemetery >>

Weems Cemetery

  • Cat Claw Community; Big Valley North.

Williams Cemetery

  • Also known as David Williams Cemetery
  • On Paul Roberts Place. NE of intersection of 765 and 45. On Wilbarger Creek, south of the Colorado River.

Woods Cemetery

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