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Puryear Cemetery

Also known as Peryear Cemetery


To reach the Puryear Cemetery from Dripping Springs, the easiest way to travel, without going through a lot of back roads and possibly getting lost, is to take R.R. 12 north at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 290. Drive 7.8 miles past Hays County Rd 166. You will enter Travis County. At the 7.8 mile mark, the road will intersect with Hamilton Pool Road (Rd 3238). Turn left and go 1.8 miles to the junction of Bell Springs Road. Turn left onto Bell Springs Road (which will become Hays County Rd 169 when you again enter Hays County). Go exactly two miles. The cemetery will be on the right side of the road approximately 50 to 75 yards off the road.


37 grave incriptions

Maintained by the Puryear Cemetery Association


History and Photos from the Hays County Historical Commission.  Scroll down the page to Gatlin Cemetery.

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