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Maps, transcriptions, photos and information for cemeteries in every county in Texas.


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Guadalupe County Cemeteries M

Cemetery listings, inventories, transcriptions, headstone photos, grave readings, maps, location and other information.

Marines Cemetery >>

Marion Cemetery >>

Marion Community Cemetery >>

Marion Lutheran Church Cemetery >>

Matthies Cemetery >>

Mayer Cemetery >>

McAnelly Family Cemetery

McKinney Cemetery >>

McKinney Cemetery No. 2 >>

McKinze Cemetery

  • Also known as Huggins-McKinze-Waller Cemetery, Waller Cemetery
  • Located on the Carl Waller Place, Staples, Texas
  • Huggins-McKinze-Waller Cemetery Transcription from the Guadalupe County TXGenWeb site

McQueeny Cemetery >>

Medlin Cemetery

  • South of Kingsbury on FM 2538 close to old landfill.
  • Medlin Cemetery Transcription from the USGenWeb Archives
  • Medlin, Phil Transcription from the Guadalupe County TXGenWeb site

Mehlitz Cemetery

  • Located on property owned by Edgar Laird (in 2011) on Centerpoint Road in Northern Guadalupe Co., TX. -
  • At least four known graves; possibly two or three more.
  • Mehlitz Cemetery Graves at

Melanchton Cemetery >>

Mexican Cemetery >>

Mofield Cemetery >>

Mofield-Ranft Cemetery >>

Mollennhauer Cemetery >>

Mulkey-Crayton Cemetery >>

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