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Indian Creek Cemetery


From Comanche, take SH 36 SE about 1.25 mile, then go east on county road about 2 miles, then north about 0.5 mile to Indian Creek Cemetery.


Historical Marker for Indian Creek Community (at Indian Creek Cemetery). One of the first settlements in Comanche County; founded in 1851 by John A. McGuire. The first public building here was a stockade that enclosed several log cabins. Named "Double Pens" for its double walls, it was a storehouse for emergency supplies of grain, water and other food to be used by the settlers when they took refuge there during Indian raids. When the men were away, the women and children slept at Double Pens. Church services were also held inside the walls and a school was organized there in 1876. The first teacher was R. W. Welborne. The Indian Creek Methodist Church was formed in 1880 with the Rev. H. B. Henry as pastor. Land for a building was given by J. M. (Mart) McGuire. The church was noted for its summer camp meetings, held yearly for two weeks after cultivation of the crops was finished. The campers, from a wide area, would bring chickens for eggs and meat and cows to supply milk. The church was also known for the large number of preachers it produced. In 1922 the present building was erected. Services were discontinued in 1958. The first burial in the cemetery was made in 1880. The land, then property of R. C. Coker, was given to the church by later owner J. H. Watson in 1894. (1968) - Historical Marker Text


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