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Marathon Cemetery


South of Marathon, off of Port Road.


In the Anglo section of the cemetery there are 587 marked graves and about 127 unmarked or lost graves, many of these were lost in August 1984, when the cemetery was hit by a tornado.

Obits from the Brewster County TXGenWeb site


Marathon has had one cemetery since 1902. The east side of the cemetery was reserved for the Mexican population and was referred to as the "Mexican" or "Latin" cemetery.   Marathon Cemetery is no longer segregated. In 1995, the fence separating the two sections (anglo and latin) was removed. However, burials still seem to fall along racial lines.    Prior to 1902, it seems as though burials were catch-as-catch can. Some people were buried near the Collins (or Chambers) hotel. These sites are pretty much lost.   Some people were buried at Fort Pena Colorado.   This cemetery was the first "official" cemetery for Marathon.   Some folks were buried south of town in Beakley Draw. Beakley Draw was prone to flooding, and pointed up the need for a permanent, and safe, cemetery. Thus, Marathon Cemetery was established in 1902. - History from the Brewster County TXGenWeb site


Marathon Cemetery Transcription and information from the Brewster County TXGenWeb site.  Interments A-G, H-M, N-S, T-Y

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